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Ramadan Blog Hop 2017 - Childhood memories of Ramadan in Peshawar, Pakistan

EHSAS Khan moved to Scotland last November to study for a PHD in film studies at Glasgow University; he is from Peshwar, North-West Pakistan.  In less than two weeks, Ehsas will enjoy his first Ramadan in Scotland.

Ehsas in the mountains outside Peshawar, North Pakistan 

Ehsas is joining us for today's blog-hop to talk about his Ramadan memories as a child in Peshawar.

Ehsas, Thank you for joining us today.  Are you looking forward to your first Ramadan in Scotland?

Yes, kind of!  I am used to observing Ramadan in Pakistan in 40 degrees heat whereas obviously Scotland is much colder.  However the days are much longer in Scotland and this makes fasting seem like a really difficult task.  Being away from family and friends during Ramadan is really hard because we are used to having iftar with our large, extended family.  In Peshawar we have special food bazaars and other stalls during Ramadan which sell food specialialities such as pakoras and kebabs during the Holy month. 
Scotland obviously is not a muslim majority country so it does not have these tradtions and there is not such a special feeling during our Holy month.

Ehsas, can you tell us about some of your childhood memories of Ramadan in Peshawar?

I remember before Iftar (evening meal when Muslims end their daily Ramadan fast at sunset) my family would sit outside on the mat on the floor in the family yard; my Granny would make Pakora's and other females in the family would make different dishes.  We used to have at least 8-12 different dishes for each Iftar. 
I always found Sahar (pre-dawn meal before fasting) really difficult and boring for me as it was so difficult for me to wake up.
During Ramadan we would have a half-day at school and we would come home earlier than normal to have fun and play cricket or hide and seek! 
At Eid we would receive new traditional clothes and shoes such as shalwar-kameez and shoes such as Peshwari chapal, which are special in my area.
I have happy memories of this time in my childhood; we (my brothers and sister) loved receiving Eid-y, money for Ramadan which was given to us by the elders in my family. 

When I was a child I also loved listening to Na'at which is poetry in praise of the Prophet Muhammed, peace be upon him.  Na'at is particular to India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. We listened to Na'at from loudspeakers in our village.  Junaid Jamshed was a former pop-star who became a Na'at khwa (a person who recites Na'at), and my family were massive fans of his.

Thannks for joining us on the Multi-cultural Kids Blog-Hop today Ehsas and we hope that you enjoy your first Ramadan in Scotland!

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